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Reed Sherman Law Firm, LLC



Through education, counseling, and superior representation, Reed Sherman Law Firm seeks to provide its clients with personalized solutions to protect their families, wealth, and legacies during life’s unexpected challenges.



Reed Sherman Law Firm seeks to become the leading estate planning, family law, and veterans benefits firm in Maryland and DC in its relentless pursuit to provide an unrivaled, client centered and results driven approach that exceeds each client’s expectations and fosters long term relationships.



At Reed Sherman Law Firm, we understand that trusting someone with such important matters can be a daunting task and we are honored to serve you. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are committed to our guiding principles:




Treat everyone with the utmost respect while using sound judgment in providing world class representation.



Make every reasonable effort to provide full, fair, and accurate information at all times and avoid any communication, conduct,


or appearance that jeopardizes our trustworthiness.




Aim to provide world class service that exceeds our clients’ expectations



Serve the needs of our clients while contributing to meeting the needs of the community through education and pro bono efforts.

What Makes Us Unique

What makes Reed Sherman Law Firm unique is our approach. While other firms focus primarily on the legal aspect, we begin the process by getting to know you, your values, your family dynamics and your concerns. We believe that getting to know you as a person is instrumental in creating a personalized solution that meets your needs.

In addition, Reed Sherman Law Firm takes an innovative approach to providing unrivaled service that accommodates the needs of all of our clients. We utilize current technology to implement systems and processes to increase proficiency and efficiency without compromising quality.


Client Experience


Our goal is to become a trusted advisor and foster long term relationships with each of our clients. We understand that a world class experience requires more than providing superior legal service and being responsive to your needs. Your overall experience, to include how we deliver our service, beginning with your initial contact with the firm, is as important as the service itself. We aim to provide personalized service that exceeds your expectations throughout our relationship.