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Five Most Common DIY Estate Planning Mistakes


In light of the current pandemic, many Americans are becoming aware of the importance of creating or updating their estate planning documents. With the extension of some states’ stay in place orders, it may be tempting to create your own documents all on your own. Whether you are considering writing your own will or using […]

Four Ways to Protect Your Will From Being Contested By Angry Family Members


Having an updated last will and testament is more important than ever, especially now. However, a will that is poorly created or not frequently updated can be vulnerable to contestation. What is contestation? It is the formal objection to a will’s (or trust’s) validity because it either: a) doesn’t reflect the wishes of the person who created the will, or b) because the will does not meet legal standards.

Estate Planning in the Midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ve probably heard about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that has created a global pandemic. Well in case you were in fact living under a rock, in the United States, governors have shut down schools, restaurants, salons, and other nonessential businesses in an effort to control […]

As an Heir, am I Responsible for Paying the Debts of the Estate?


Generally, the decedent’s debts are paid from the estate. The estate consists of non-probate and probate assets. Non-probate assets are transferred directly to the named beneficiary upon the grantor’s death. Non-probate assets may include but are not limited to, benefits from life insurance policies, joint accounts, retirement plans, assets in a revocable trust and property […]